Wizard of OZ
We Have Homemade Wizard of Oz Costumes!
Quality Homemade Wizard of Oz Costumes!!

Quality Wizard of Oz Costumes

Dorothy Homemade Wizard of Oz Costumes

The only thing better then having a quality homemade Wizard of Oz costume...is dressing up the entire family in matching homemade costumes, in quality fabric, and watching my kids
"pretend" to be their favorite characters, this is the most fun I have ever had!  It's Halloween all year long at our house!  I choose the highest quality fabric for my homemade costumes
so they last and can be worn like "real" clothing.  I don't remember when my addiction to costumes began,  but it just keeps growing!!  Who could have imagined that my "big" teenager
would dress up as a Scarecrow!  My girls may think they are too big for dolls, but still can't resist a Glinda costume, riding a broom in a Wicked Witch costume, and clicking their heels
in the
Dorothy costume.  They still have fun and I hope they never outgrow the Wizard of Oz!  Most of my Wizard of Oz Costumes,  because they are homemade with high quality fabric,
can be thrown in the washing  machine just like any other clothing.  Glinda and the China doll have sheer fabric and require a more gentle cycle but can  still be treated like you would
a  flower girl or bridesmaid dress when cleaning.  Create memories...Take pictures, they grow so fast!!!
The homemade Deluxe Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume is made in the
same quality blue gingham fabric as the Dorothy.  More detail and a
more fitted look are the biggest differences.  The dress does not
separate into a blouse and pinafore.  
This homemade Dorothy costume has a white dress and blue
gingham pinafore that can be worn separately if desired.  
Dorothy is made in the same quality fabric as the Deluxe sash
that ties in the back at the waist for easier fitting and growing
theme has a pretty witch and a wicked witch, so as you know, if you
have 2 girls in your family there will be a problem!!  We solved that
problem by making the wicked witch just as pretty as  Glinda the Good
Witch!!  It's so much fun to wear the hat with the neon netting, the
bright neon flattering corset, and neon trim on the sleeves, got rid of
the green face everyone wants to be the bad witch!
If you're going to wear a quality Wizard of Oz costume this Glinda
the Good Witch is perfect with all the glittery silver sequin trim and
sheer shimmering pink fabrics, it's definitely a "spinning" dress.  My
youngest "tests" all the dresses and lets me know which ones are
"spinning" dresses and this one definitely is!  Because the dress is
homemade, we are able to make the skirt nice and full so you can
add a petticoat or hoop skirt underneath and spin all day!
Our little Porcelain China Doll is the newest
addition to our quality homemade Wizard of Oz
costumes!  She's a fun to wear, girlie dress with lots
of ruffles, and she spins!  
The Cowardly Lion is so soft and comfy you'll want
to take a nap!  The fabric is quality fleece and feels
warm like a blanket, it's perfect to use as a sleeper in
the winter!
Even though he's only a Scarecrow, this homemade
costume is still made in quality machine washable
fabric and can be worn for years to come!
Not to be left out, our Flying Monkey is just as cute
as Glinda and Dorothy!  This homemade Wizard of
Oz costume could be for a boy or a girl.   The
purchased wings are not included.  
Quality Homemade Flying Monkey Wizard of Oz Costume