This costume includes the dress, pinafore, pantaloons, and hat.  
spray on her hair.

The dress is made in cotton/polyester blend bright red fabric.  
There is a little Peter Pan collar trimmed with cute white lace, a
zipper opening in the back, and elastic at the wrist forming the

The pinafore is made in white cotton fabric, the bodice is lined,
there are cute little ruffles over the shoulders, an appliqued
strawberry in the front, and 3 green squares along the edge, and  
there is a sash that ties in the back for a better fit.

The pantaloons are made in white cotton fabric with elastic at the
waist, elastic forming the ruffle under the knee, and cute little
green satin ribbon bows on each side of the legs.   

The hat is lined, has a red band, and fits up top of her head
These are Finished Costume Measurements

m.....chest 22" waist 21" length 17"
2/3.........chest 24" waist 22" length 20"
4/5.........chest 26" waist 24" length 23"
6/7.........chest 27" waist 26" length 26"
8...........,chest 29" waist 27" length 29"
10/12 ...chest  31" waist 29" length 30"
14.........chest  33" waist 30" length 32"

4............. chest35 " waist 30" length 43"
6/8...........chest 37" waist 31" length 43"
10/12.......chest 39" waist 32" length 43"   
14/16.......chest 41" waist 34" length 43"    
18/20.......chest 44" waist 36" length 43"

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(479) 234- 0620

Thank you for looking.

Strawberry Girl Costume

Strawberry Girl
Modest Quality Homemade Story Time Character Halloween
Handmade Little Strawberry Girl Costume
Modest Quality Homemade Story Time Character Halloween
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Even when I forget everything else, I can
still remember my favorite childhood books,
my favorite characters and the pictures on
the pages.  Pretending to be a Story
Character is so much fun, whether your
favorite was
Little Bo Peep, Alice in
Ann & Andy, Belle, Wendy,
Dorothy, or Sally...these stories are woven
into our lives.  Let your imagine go wild and
be one of your favorites today!!
Handmade from
"Real" Quality
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hard to fit sizes
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Sizing...I'm always being asked whether my costumes are made "true to size" or
not.  I'm not exactly sure what the true sizes are but I can describe the way my
costume fit and that might help when deciding which size to purchase.  My
costumes are sized comparable to the size your child would size in their tops, you
wont need to do that with my costumes.  Most of my costumes have a sash at the
back.  If you think you need a custom size, no problem!  Just include your
measurements for chest, waist, and length from the top of her shoulder to where
you'd like the dress to end and order the closest size that I have listed.  

Length is measured from the top of her shoulder to where the dress ends...
Strawberry Girl Child Sizes Costume
Strawberry Girl Adult Sizes Costume
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