Frog Princess Costume

Frog Princess
Modest Quality Homemade Princess
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little girl Loves to dress the part,
whether she wants to go to a
Ball like
Cinderella, fall in love
with a Beast like
Beauty, wake
from a long sleep like
Beauty, shoot arrows like
Merida, sing under ths sea like
Little Mermaid, live with like
Frog Princess, or just spin
and have fun like a
Princess, no
matter what the occasion, we'll
have a costume your little
Princess will Love!  
Handmade from
"Real" Quality
Custom made for
hard to fit sizes
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Sizing...I'm always being asked
whether my costumes are made "true
to size" or not.  I'm not exactly sure
what the true sizes are but I can
describe the way my costume fit and
that might help when deciding which
size to purchase.  My costumes are
sized comparable to the size your child
would wear in store bought jeans, I
buy my own daughters a larger size in
their tops, you wont need to do that
with my costumes.  Most of my
costumes have a sash at the waist that
ties in back for the thin girls, or an
apron that has a sash that ties in the
back.  If you think you need a custom
size, no problem!  Just include your
measurements for chest, waist, and
length from the top of her shoulder to
where you'd like the dress to end and
order the closest size that I have

Length is measured from the top of
her shoulder to where the dress ends...
This little Princess gets to Kiss a frog!!
This little princess heard me talking about kissing a frog and went
outside, found a real frog, and wanted to kiss it for the photo!!  
Costumes are so much fun, take pictures, they grow up way too

This Frog Princess costume includes the dress.  The wig and crown
are NOT included.

The dress is machine washable so she can play and have lots of
fun without stressing that the dress will ruin, it's so much  more fun.

The dress is made in pastel yellow butter color, the skirt is very full
with about 150" around so there is plenty of room for a hoop skirt or
petticoats.  The model in the photo is wearing a hoop skirt and you
can buy one on ebay from another seller, they are alot of fun so I
recommend getting one.  The over skirt is made in pastel sage
green.  The bodice and puffy sleeves are fully lined for extra
strength, the back opens with a zipper, and the prettiest gold glittery
trim criss crosses up the front.  
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