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Prairie Girl Dresses Historical Costumes

Prairie Girl Dresses
Modest Quality Homemade Historical Costumes
Historical Prairie Girl Dresses!
Handmade from
"Real" Quality
Custom made for
hard to fit sizes
orders by

17369 Wyola Rd
Winslow, Arkansas 72959

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If she is an American Girl fan,
Felicity and her friend
Elizabeth, Loves History, Loves
dressing up or going to
Williamsburg, Loves Little House
on the
Prairie, Loves reenacting
Pioneer treks, Civil War Era, even
dressing up a
boy as a pioneer,
doing a book report, or just for're going to Love these
Quality Homemade
Historical Ball
Gowns!  The fabrics are Beautiful,
the costumes are elegant, and
they all have matching 18" doll
costumes.  She'll definitely have a
You can add pioneer
accessories and
completely change the
look of the costume,
I've added photos with
the shawl and apron
just for ideas.  Also
adorable would be a
pinner hat, mop hap,
pinafore, and more!  
The sky is the limit, use
your imagination and
create your own
girl in your life! She'll Love
dressing up as a colonial girl
for many different assorted

This dress is made in quality
machine washable fabric
and can be worn as a
regular dress so she can
actually "Be" her favorite

Historical Costume
includes the dress and
pioneer bonnet, other
clothing items can be
purchased on the
accessories page.