Sizing...I'm always being asked whether my costumes are made "true to size" or
not.  I'm not exactly sure what the true sizes are but I can describe the way my
costume fit and that might help when deciding which size to purchase.  My costumes
are sized comparable to the size your child would wear in store bought jeans, I buy
my own daughters a larger size in their tops, you wont need to do that with my
costumes.  Most of my costumes have a sash at the waist that ties in back for the
thin girls, or an apron that has a sash that ties in the back.  If you think you need a
custom size, no problem!  Just include your measurements for chest, waist, and
length from the top of her shoulder to where you'd like the dress to end and order the
closest size that I have listed.  

Length is measured from the top of her shoulder to where the dress ends...
This dress is perfect for your child's book report on Historical figures such as Florence
Nightingale, Clara Barton (woman who began the Red Cross), Civil War nurse, women
who changed history, school historical plays, Pioneer day, pioneer treks, Halloween,
portraits, and many more events.

This 3 piece costume includes the dress, pinafore, and bonnet.

The dress is made in cotton polyester blend, country blue fabric. The sleeves are
gathered at the shoulder and at the wrist with white cuffs, the collar is white and
blue,  and the back opens with a zipper.

The pinafore is made in white cotton fabric.  The bodice is lined, there is a sash
that ties in the back at the waist, and the little Red Cross is appliqued on the top.  

The bonnet is also made in white cotton fabric with elastic in the back to help it
stay in place.  

Blue Civil War Nurse Costume

Blue Civil War Nurse Costume
Modest Quality Homemade Historical Costumes
Civil War Nurse Costume
Handmade from
"Real" Quality
Custom made for
hard to fit sizes
Custom Costume
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If she is an American Girl fan,
Felicity and her friend
Elizabeth, Loves History, Loves
dressing up or going to
Williamsburg, Loves Little House
on the
Prairie, Loves reenacting
Pioneer treks, Civil War Era, even
dressing up a
boy as a pioneer,
doing a book report, or just for're going to Love these
Quality Homemade
Historical Ball
Gowns!  The fabrics are Beautiful,
the costumes are elegant, and
they all have matching 18" doll
costumes.  She'll definitely have a
Civil War Nurse 18" Doll Blue Costume
Civil War Nurse Child Size Blue Costume
Civil War Nurse Adult Size Blue Costume
Child Sizes
Adult Size
4............. chest35 " waist 30" length 56"
6/8...........chest 37" waist 31" length 56"
10/12.......chest 39" waist 32" length 56"   
14/16.......chest 41" waist 34" length 56"    
18/20.......chest 44" waist 36" length 56"