Civil war nurse costumes, perfect for historical book reports on women
who changed history, reenactments, pioneer treks, this dress is perfect for
your child's book report on Historical figures such as Florence Nightingale,
who changed history, school historical plays, Pioneer day, pioneer treks,
Halloween, portraits, and many more events.
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Civil War Nurse Costumes

Civil War Nurse Costumes
Modest Quality Homemade Historical Costumes
Civil War Nurse Costumes
Handmade from
"Real" Quality
Custom made for
hard to fit sizes
Custom Costume
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17369 Wyola Rd
Winslow, Arkansas 72959

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Loves Felicity and her friend
Elizabeth, Loves History, Loves
dressing up or going to
Williamsburg, Loves Little House
on the
Prairie, Loves reenacting
Pioneer treks, Civil War Era, even
dressing up a
boy as a pioneer,
doing a book report, or just for're going to Love these
Quality Homemade
Historical Ball
Gowns!  The fabrics are Beautiful,
the costumes are elegant, and
they all have matching 18" doll
costumes.  She'll definitely have a
Gray Nurse