Boy Pioneer
The hat just makes the outfit complete!  Make in brown imitation suede, the hat is soft, fuzzy, and
comfortable to wear.  The brim is lined and top stitched for extra strength.  The hat is lined so that
it looks sturdy with a band and round gathered top.
The vest is made in rugged imitation suede fabric so it is soft and comfortable, even looks like it
could have been made from an animal skin. The prettiest part of this fabric is the shading that
makes it look old fashioned. The vest is lined, has a collar at the neck, and ties in the back for a
better fit.  There are 5 buttons (which vary) going up the front.
The ~Boy Pioneer Shirt~ in made in a solid color cotton fabric, you can choose off white, beige, or
blue.  (shown in photos below) You can also choose white, although white looks pretty clean for a
pioneer!  The shirt is loose fitting, has a wide collar at the neck with ties that are attached in the
front and tie into a bow or knot at the neck.  The sleeves are loose with gathers that hit lower
than the shoulder for a loose fit.  There are cuffs at the wrist and small slits in the lower side
Finally!!!  The Boy Pioneer costumes
are here!  This basic style of shirt, vest,
and hat comes in different colors and
sizes and sold separately!

Perfect for school historical plays,
Pioneer day, Laura Ingalls book reports,
theater, Halloween, portraits, and many
more events.

The fabric is excellent quality and is
machine washable
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Boy Pioneer Hat
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Boy Pioneer Shirt
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