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Handmade from
"Real" Quality
Custom made for
hard to fit sizes
WeHaveCostumes.com has many Handmade, Homemade, Custom
made Costumes made from "real" quality fabrics.  If you're looking
for a Quality Homemade Wizard of OZ costume, you have come to
the right place!!  We have  Historical costumes, Wizard of Oz
costumes, Princess costumes, Storytime Character costumes, Peter
Pan Wendy costumes, and more all handmade by our Family.  We
live by the saying, "A Family that is Stitched Together Seldom
Unravels!" Let our Family help create your next family memory!   



We Have Handmade, Homemade, Custom Costumes

We Have Handmade, Homemade, Custom Costumes
Halloween per year to dress up for...when
dressing up is so much fun!  How do you
decide what to be? Whether it's Halloween or
a special occasion, theater production, or
your little one just Loves to dress up, you'll
find Wizard of Oz costumes,
Princess costumes, Storytime Character
Wendy from Peter Pan and so
many more!
If she is an American Girl fan, Loves
and her friend Elizabeth, Loves
History, Loves dressing up or going to
Williamsburg, Loves Little House on the
Prairie, Loves reenacting Pioneer treks,
Civil War Era, even dressing up a boy
as a pioneer, doing a book report, or
just for fun...you're going to Love these
Quality Homemade
Historical Ball
Gowns!  The fabrics are Beautiful, the
costumes are elegant, and they all have
matching 18" doll costumes.  She'll
definitely have a Ball!
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